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As PICI elements are novel in terms of their biology it is thought that they can serve as a novel antimicrobial therapy and utilised as a ‘Trojan Horse strategy in vivo’. By exploiting the relationship between the conflicting phage and bacterial genomes, we can begin to realise the potential of PICIs to hijack integral proteins encoded by the phage to interfere with phage reproduction strategies and genome packaging mechanisms. In doing so, the helper phage is able to efficiently replicate, package and mobilise synthetic PICI elements only, which can; introduce accessory virulence factors into a new host, provide the ability to supress antibiotic resistance in different species of bacteria (thus making them susceptible to antibiotics), or target biofilm formation in cannulas and catheters etc. By engineering PICI elements in this way it is possible to target specific strains of bacteria (even within the same species) without disrupting the natural microbiome of other commensal symbionts present in different niches (i.e. within […]

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Morocco is living in an era with favorable demographic characteristics, yet this opportunity is not seized due to low activity rate, especially for women. Actually, qualification level is still below standards and expectations, as 6 off 10 of people that have 15 years old and more, they have no qualification, and 30,7% are analphabet. In terms of social insurance, despite the effort of government in the last decade, the rate of covered population is still low, especially with the disparities between public and private sector. In worse case, there is no social protection for independent workers and for unformal economy sector. SNE is willing to make human capital a major factor for production and for economic growth that generates decent employment and suitable opportunities. To do so, SNE works closely with the education key individuals in order to have a qualifies manpower, by renovating the education system and making it more equitable and open with better quality of profiles that […]

    Black holes, what are they? Is it a big hole in outer space or a big ball of gas?Albert Einstein quoted that ” Black holes are where God divided by zero.”    In 1961 physicist Karl Schwarzschild suggested that black holes were real.  Ten years later in 1971 astronomer named John Wheeler saw one for the first time.    There are three parts of a black hole. The first part is the outer event horizon, which is the border of the black hole and still able to consume light. The second is the inner event horizon, which is stronger. The thrid and final is the singularity which is the center and strongest part of the black hole.    Like many things in life, there are many varieties. Black holes have three: stellar, intermediate and the supermassive. The stellar black hole is form when a single star explodes and continues to compress. Intermediate black hole are formed when multiple stars collide in a […]

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The media’s impact on eating disordersSocial Media has a strong influence on a person’s relationship with food and a fear of gaining weight. Social media is the cause of eating disorders because they promote it and it causes individuals to constantly compare one another. The media impacts the way we react and interact with our world and changes the perception of our own body image. It is difficult to avoid the constant pressure surrounding this “ideal body type”, so many are affected.Social media promotes weight loss because there are many images of spindly legs and jutting ribs that emerge on various social media sites. The disturbing photos are accompanied by even more “thinspo” messages like “pretty girls don’t eat” and “skip dinner be thinner.” These types of pages allow users to post goals, pictures, and even teach others new ways to purge and binge eat. In addition, some photos link to website content that offers dieting and exercise tips.  “Just […]

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In spite of huge collection of information it is of useless until it reaches to its stakeholders. We can see that every year farmers are committing to suicide due to non repayment of loan. As per farmers report 2014 every year 10000 to 18000 farmers committed to suicide. There are number of reasons for the suicide but the major reason is due to getting substantially unfair price to their agriculture products. Agriculture product rates are purely depending on the demand and supply. There is imbalance of total requirement of products and its availability (demand and supply).  It happens because the farmers are not getting the up-to-date information while selecting the crop such as: 1.       Total requirement of the particular agricultural product 2.       Total  land required to fulfill the requirement, 3.       Previous  stock is available, 4.       Total  land already planted/sown  for the respective crop, 5.       Available scope for the particular crop.   If the selection of crop by the farmers is […]

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Alcohol is classified as a central nervous system depressant and its psychoactive properties affect the individual’s cognition, mood and behavior. The main psychoactive component in the alcohol is ethanol (C2H5OH). Most individuals consume alcohol orally through beverages. However, there are also other ways in which the alcohol is consumed like intravenous ethanol injections, ethanol vapors and recently through nebulizers called AWOL (Alcohol without liquid). In the US, a standard alcoholic drink is about 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol and this amount may vary depending on the type beverages such as beer, wine, or spirits. Alcohol can be readily dissolve in water and thus rapidly circulate into total body water of an individual. Since there are gender differences in the total body water composition, even if men and women take the same amount of alcohol, women would have a higher blood alcohol level compared to that of men. Alcohol absorption is done via the small intestine and the stomach primarily by diffusion. Small intestine performs the most […]

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Canada has earned the title of being a peacemaking nation which is well deserved and known in the international community. It supports equality among everyone, protects and guarantees the rights of its citizens, and is considered a role model for protection of human rights around the world. However in Canada’s history, it’s society was once filled with prejudice and there were many discriminatory laws. This was evident in many historical events such as the mistreatment of the First Nations people, and the unfair Chinese Immigration Acts. Those laws had a very negative significant impact on the people. Considering the profound influence it had on our country, it is important to recognize that all the legal and social changes that came later on, occurred because of the Constitution Act of 1982. Therefore, the Constitution Act of 1982 is the most historically significant document in Canada’s legal history because it has shaped Canadian society in many ways. It was a milestone in […]

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Is it good for a country to be rich in natural resources? Apparently, the answer to this question would evidently seem to be “yes”. How could it ever be negative to have something in addition to labor and produced capital? How could it be negative to have something valuable “for free”? But Mehlum et al. argues that latest findings in development economics show how natural resource abundant economics grow slower than economies without ample resources. While the author Torvik in his research raises the question; whether low growth leads to high measure of resource abundant or resource abundant leads to low growth. Moreover, far from making the people in country richer, oil and other valuable primary resources make the people poorer, increase the likelihood of war and decrease the likelihood of democracy creating unexpected obstacles to development such as corruption and conflicts. Torvik argues why are so many countries poor even though they are rich in natural resources? Mehlum argues if […]

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INTRODUCTIONAutonomous cars (or self-driving cars) have been around for a while now. This may fascinate, and worry us, most apparent because we do not know enough about driverless cars.Technology of Self-Driving CarsAutonomous cars are vehicles outfitted with sensors (sonar, LiDAR, cameras, and radar) that handle data from the environment. Software and processors examine and process the data to recreate road conditions in three dimensions, recognizing objects such as transportation lanes, obstacles, strollers, other vehicles, and even signage. A power control device carries out driving functions, commands the brakes, steering wheel, and gas pedal.Companies that produce Self-Driving CarsGoogle was the first company to operate an autonomous car. The Google Car was developed by Google’s Google X, renamed Alphabet Inc. in 2015. Two types of vehicles are used: adjusted models, like the Toyota Prius, Lexus RX, and Audi TT, and Google Cars, driverless vehicles without steering wheels, brakes, or gas pedals, fully developed by Google. In November 2015, Google unveiled some fairly […]

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The Holocaust was the organized persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. The Jewish population in 1933 in Europe was about nine million. Most of them lived in countries that Nazi Germany later occupied and influenced in the World War II. By 1945, over six million Jews were killed by the Germans and their collaborators in Europe as was their policy to control the Jews (Deborah, 2002).The Nazi Germans portrayed Jews as the main danger in Germany. However other groups like Roma (Gypsies), the mentally and physically disabled patients who lived in the institutions were persecuted and murdered in the Euthanasia Program. Poland In 1939, Jews, with a population of about 3.5 million, were Poland’s second-largest minority, following Ukrainians. One-third of the populations in cities such as Warsaw were of Jewish descent; in some of Poland’s eastern cities, up to 70 per cent of the population was Jewish. Jews were an integral part […]