A city of Gwalior. Mitawali Mitawali is a

A city of Gwalior. Mitawali Mitawali is a

A beautiful set of structures dating back to the Gupta and Gurjara-Pratihara dynasties define the mastery of a historic era. The marvels of Mitawali, Padavali, and Bateshwar temples are situated just a few kilometres from the city of Gwalior. Mitawali Mitawali is a village where the popular Chausath Yogini Temple lies – The temple is perched atop a hill surrounded by the lush greenery. A climb of approximately 100 steps will take you to the beauty of this splendid round temple. The striking views will definitely have you reaching for your camera too! As claimed by etchings and engravings in the temple, ancient shrine is said to have been built by the Maharaja Devapala. In fact, the Parliament House in New Delhi is believed to have been inspired from the circular design and architectural intricacies of the Mitawali temple! It is also said that Mitawali, Padavali and Bateshwar made a golden triangle in which a university existed about a 1000 […]

The oligarchy, and monarchy. Basically, each one has

The Main theme and scope in this video is different types of political systems. How each one is used and what each one represents, such as republic, democracy, anarchy, oligarchy, and monarchy. Basically, each one has its own way of running the place. Most of our people are based of republicans, we the people have the power to vote for who we believe is in charge of everything such as laws and ours rights that passes through. Then there is democracy which basically the same as communist it’s just one step away from being the same which means the power is not with the people but with one person holding the power. Which was what Hitler did and what North Korea is doing now opposed to what George Washington didn’t want a democratic government because of king George. King George wanted a monarchy government and what George Washington was after was a republican government were the law is making sure […]

This economy. This essay reviews those points that

This week’s assigned readings focused around the basics of economic, and the process of valuation, and the identification of cost in the economy.  This essay reviews those points that were written about by Alchian, and Sowell.  In the excerpt of this week’s reading of Cost by Armen Alchian, he writes about cost and valuation in relation to economics.  Alchian defines valuation as, “A comparison among all the available options (each consisting of an amalgam of good and bad) yields for each option a rank-indicating measure of Value.” (1969, p.404).  It is a person’s criteria and view of a situation that would create these amalgams of good and bad, or as Alchian refers to them as, “attributes”. Alchian also defines in his book the term costing, “…the highest-valued forsaken option necessary to realize that event is fundamental, for only the latter is cost”(1969, p.404).  This does not just apply to present events. As Alchian delves deeper into this subject, he explains […]

Literature digital content (Lane & McAndrew, 2010) and

Literature Review In the current scenario or trend in the education sector, academics have shared digital content (Lane & McAndrew, 2010) and in the recent time there has been much interest in the online sharing of open educational resources (OER),for thhe higher education, which has become an important resource for learners and teachers (Adams, Liyanagunawardena, Rassool, & Williams, 2013) A MOOC is an online course which brings together people from different parts of the world and creates an interest in learning for students and an expert who seek to facilitate the learning. Strong connection is usually provided through social networking. Study materials and other resources are also provided through internet access. Therefore , there is no prerequisites, fees, formal accreditation, or any criteria for level of participation (McAuley, Stewart, Siemens, & Cormier, 2010) Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is rapidly growing and changing the role of higher education and employee development in general. They provide free or even open access […]

The Sarah Kane’s play, 4.48 Psychosis. Here, the

The subject of trauma is heavily evident in Sarah Kane’s play, 4.48 Psychosis. Here, the trouble the speaker seems to be having with her identity rests fundamentally upon her clinical depression. 4.48 Psychosis was written by British playwright Sarah Kane two weeks before dying of suicide. 4.48 Psychosis was directed by James MacDonald and was first staged on the twenty-third of June in the year 2000 in London. Another subject of identity confusion to do with 4.48 Psychosis is how the play was received by the public and critics. Most of her this play’s audience saw it as a suicide letter more than a work external to Kane’s biography. Many critics failed to see the distinction between life and art in Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis (Tycer 24). Even Kane’s own brother had to release a statement in attempt to enlighten audiences that 4.48 Psychosis was in fact, not a suicide note. Tycer believes that this assumption caused many critics to miswrite […]

1. Be sure the calf is born in

1.      Be sure the calf is born in a clean and dry environment. The maternity area is the calf’s first exposure to pathogens. At the time of birth, a calf does not have a fully active immune system and does not have a defense to fight off pathogens and infections. Any equipment used at this time on the calf or its mother needs to be clean, disinfected and dry.   2.      The calf’s navel needs to be dipped with 7 percent iodine as soon as possible after its birth. The navel should be redipped 12 to 18 hours later.  The umbilical cord and the surrounding area, along with the navel, need to be covered with the iodine. This is done to prevent pathogens and bacteria from entering the calf, helping to avoid infections and hernias.   3.      Colostrum is to be fed to the calf as soon as possible (less than three hours after birth). ·        Holsteins should be fed […]

In this section I wanted to focus on theexploratory puzzledefinition as a game-play style and leave out the specifics of various gameplays e.g. first, second orthird persons-view, interactions with non-player characters, narrative structuresand storytelling etc. I will expand on these specifics when I analyze gameplay ofother games that have this particularexploratory puzzlestyle below in section:3. I will base my definition off that gameplay is: “The structures of player in-teraction with the game system and with other players in the game.”1. Gamemechanics will be marked with blue and gameplay design patterns marked withred.Exploratory puzzlegameplay is an activity where the player has undirectedexploration and wanders freely around and solves puzzles by obtaining gameitems. When the player solves puzzles it grants the player a way to anotherpuzzle or access to another location e.g. room, island, planet, level or winningthe game. One of the main mechanics of the gameplay style is puzzle solvingwhere players have to explore and find game items that have been […]

Many, the age of just seventeen but was

Many, especially me, have never heard of James MacMillan until now. James MacMillan was born at Kilminning, a council area in Scotland called North Ayrshire in 1959,  but lived in the East Ayrshire, a town of Cumnock until 1977, with a population of 13,000. MacMillan studied composition and music at the University of Edinburgh, alongside Rita McAllister. He then earned a PhD degree at Durham University, alongside John Casken, an english composer born in Yorkshire, England. Then from 1986 to 1988 he was a lecturer in music at the Victoria University of Manchester, in England. After his studies, MacMillan returned to Scotland, composing prolifically, and becoming Associate Composer with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, often working on education projects. I think it is clear to say that composing is his life. Over his years of composing, he had over 200 works. Today, he still composes at 59 years old.  The first song that I will be writing about is called Missa […]

322_Top of the studio and are applicable to

322_Top Books by Pierre Schaeffer  A: INTRODUCTION barbarians always think of themselves as the bringers of civilization.” — Pierre Schaeffer When talking about French music of 20th century the name without discussion cannot be completed is Pierre Henri Marie Schaeffer (14 August 1910 — 19 August 1995) was a French composer, writer, engineer, musicologist and acoustician of the 20th century.  His innovative work and in sciences of which particularly communications and acoustics. He presented various art of music, literature along with his radio presentation after the end of World War II resemble him as a polymath. His anti-nuclear activism and cultural criticism garnered him a wide array of assessment in his lifetime. Of the vast collection of works and activities undertaken by him, Schaeffer is most widely and currently recognized for his actions in electronic and experimental music, the epitome of which was his role as the chief developer of a unique and early form of avant-garde music known as Musique concrète. […]

Gravity,Orbits also apply to the planets around the

Gravity,Orbits & Escape VelocityWhy does everything fall down? Why do the planets go around the Sun? Can the Earth stop circling the Sun and go somewhere else and how? These are some questions that can be answered and explained by using Gravity, Orbits and Escape Velocity. Here we will see how drastically would the orbits/velocities change from different factors. I want to know what and how factors or determinants affect orbits of objects and why do orbits exist and what math/formulas are used to calculate them. First off let us see:What are Gravity, Orbits and Escape Velocity?Gravity is the force in which a planet or another body pulls objects toward its center. The force of gravity is what keeps all of the planets in orbit around the sun, the gravity of earth is what keeps us on the ground and what makes everything fall, which follows Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation.An orbit is a regular, repeating path that an object […]


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