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The power charges in common areas are automatically calculated and distributed between the consumers based on per floor area.  The data entry consists of No. of slabs, Slab rates, Fixed charges, miscellaneous charges, Tax percentage, Special instructions, etc. Energy Meters are used for recording the power consumption. The consumption of Electricity is recorded in terms of  kWh (Kilowatt Hour) also called as units. One Kilowatt Hour is equivalent to running an appliance of 1 Kilowatt (or 1000 Watts) for 1 hour. Also 1 KWh is considered as 1 unit Consumed while billing of the energy consumed. The units consumed are calculated by observing the readings and then they are applied to a slab based tariff structure to come up with energy or electricity charges. The tariff structures for residential consumers are designed in such a way that per unit charge is less if your consumption is less and more if your consumption is more. So the power charges increases significantly if […]

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    The DNA present in a single cell of our body gets damaged tens of thousands of times per day and multiplying these to the 37 trillion cells present in our body, we end up with a quintillion DNA errors; every day! Mutation of the DNA forms the fundamentals of evolution, but at times mutations pose to be harmful. The DNA sequence provides the blueprint for the proteins that our cells need to function and thus their damage causes n number of problems; fortunately, our cells use various enzyme-mediated ways to fix such problems. There are various repair mechanisms working to rectify damaged bases, strand breaks etc. Sometimes, our DNA fails to maintain the normal Watson & Crick base pairing, this is where DNA Mismatch Repair comes in. It is one of the three types of excision repair. (Others: NER & BER) Nucleotide Excision Repair: removes a sequence of nucleotides including the damaged ones and replaces by a new […]

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The United Nations is a significant world body with an extensive amount of autonomous states as its members.  It was founded in 1945, near the end of World War two, and became a more successful replacement for the inefficacious League of Nations. It has changed the world for the better by introducing human rights, fighting for peace and creating better living standards for thousands of people around the world. (UN Careers).  Canada, one of the founding members, has played a huge role in the UN whether it was through supplying them with war equipment and soldiers, or having its own people lead certain UN programs.   One of the UN’s most successful cause was human rights. The years 1939 to 1945 involved several horrific events for many people, especially the Jewish and Chinese. In Germany, several Jewish citizens were deprived of their homes and almost everything they own, then put into concentration camps where they were killed and tortured by […]

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Introduction a) Eutrophication Eutrophication or more precisely hypertrophication, is a water body enriched with nutrients,with an excess amount of it.Certain nutrients are needed for survival of the living thing.Primarily,nature is efficient enough to provide right amount of nutrients,not less nor too much. This is absolutely true in aquatic ecosystems because they are so dynamic.Water will be oligotrophic if there is too much nutrient. Consequently,serious problems will occur if there is no nutrients in the aquatic environment of the organisms.However, problems can also occur when there is too much nutrients too. When this occur we get eutrophication. A eutrophic stream, river or lake occurs when too many nutrients,such as nitrogen and phosphorous, are present, usually as a result of overflow of the land. Algae, plankton and other microorganisms attracted to these types of nutrients, and when they are too much these aquatic organisms can take over. When eutrophication occurs in a lake, river or other aquatic system,it gives a negative impact on the organisms itself […]

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·        Google Trend Google Trend is public web facility based on Google searches which shows that how often the particular keyword or term is searched relative to the total searches across the region. Google trend does not public their API (Application Programming Interface) as it was the big problem related to access data from it. We use 3rd Party API to access the data of Google trend which gives us the required News related data   ·        Twitter Data is in the form of raw tweets. It is extracted by using the Node library which provides a package for simple twitter streaming API . This API allows two modes of accessing tweets: Sample Stream and Filter Stream..Sample Stream simply delivers a small, random sample of all the tweets streaming at a real time. Filter Stream delivers tweet which match a certain criteria. It can filter the delivered tweets according to three criteria: • Specific keyword(s) to track/search for in the […]

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“Symbolic interactionism has always maintained an intimate stance towards the everyday life world, and its concerns, and languages.” (Kotarbo, 2014) As a young girl growing up in a mixed household, symbolic function has sure affected me daily. Both sides of my family are very diverse. Symbolic interaction allows us to understand contract how the social order and social change are shaped. Symbolic function has affected by my ethnicity in many ways. On my paternal side, my father is 50% white and 50% Samoan. His mother being full Samoan and his father being full white. My father mainly grew up around his Samoan side of the family. His father came from a small family and wasn’t into their culture that much. His mother came from a huge family. She was very proud of her culture and embraced it. She made sure her own family knew their culture. On my maternal side, my mother is 100% Mexican which means her both parents […]

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Technology is at the heart of business for Cole Hardware. It was originally founded by Dave Karp in 1959 but is ran and managed by his son Rick Karp currently. The son has been able to expand the stores into four that are spread throughout San Francisco. Technology plays a very big role in the hardware currently.             Cole Hardware used technology in different ways to keep the business running smooth and efficient. Using hand-held scanners, they have been able to keep inventory of all the products that are available in the store using software that records the thousands of inventory that are held by the store.  There were about 45,000 different items in the store and being able to manage that alone without a computer would have been a lot of work. Employees use the scanners around the stores to help assess the location and quantity of inventory accurately for proper valuation.             New technologies have helped the hardware […]

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The Fig 4.9 shows output waveform of multilevel inverter with Fuzzy logic controller. It produces four level output. The output of each phase is shown in Fig 4.9. The Fuzzy logic controller can generate pulse from error calculation. From this, the controller can provide a smart control strategy for the multilevel inverter. The output level of multilevel inverter is four. The Total harmonic Distortion is about 6.87% is shown in Fig 4.9. The total simulation period is 0.5 second. Using the facilities available in MATLAB the fuzzy logic controller is simulated to be in operation. The error between the output of pi controller & reference voltage can be send as input to the fuzzy logic controller. By using this error calculation the fuzzy logic controller has able to produce suitable control for this multilevel inverter. In this model, fuzzy logic control rules are used for an effective operation and also it offers an outstanding control for multilevel inverter and also […]

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Books are for Sale, not Humans: Two Slave Narratives for Remembering the Past             Many authors frequently avoid the sensitive topic of slavery, but Toni Morrison and Harriet Jacobs face slavery head-on with stories of oppression. The Incidents of the Life of a Slave Girl, published in 1861, recounts Harriet Jacob’s life as a North Carolina slave to further the abolitionist cause. Appealing specifically to women, Jacobs’ story vividly illustrates the brutality and trials of slavery while staying true to her own slave experience. Also retelling the unthinkable horrors of servitude, Morrison’s triumphal novel, Beloved, however, was published in the early 1980s, appealing to a more contemporary audience. Although Morrison herself was not a slave, she establishes credibility by basing her historical novel on the true-life story of the slave Margaret Garner. Beloved, set after the end of the Civil War, is a unique literary piece, for it explores more than just the brutalities of slavery. Her novel focuses on […]

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Question 1 Vodacom and MTN have experienced a huge growth because cellphones have made peoples live easier. It has changed the way people communicate and exchange information. The increase in the quantity demand of cellphones has created a shift in the demand curve from D0 to D1. This is as a result of an increased quantity demanded from Q0 to Q1.Because of the demand price of cellphones will also increase from P0 to P1. The supply curve will also be affected; it will shift outwards from S0 to S1 meaning that the supplier will supply more cellphones to fulfill the demand and also taking an advantage of the increased price. To avoid the excess supply the supplier will have to slightly decrease the price, to reach a new equilibrium, because if the supplier can maintain the same price the quantity demanded will decrease. The quantity demanded will also be increased when the supply shift and the price decrease.                Questions […]