Derrida’s writings undercut our usual ideas
of texts, meanings, concepts, and identities. Not just in philosophy, but in
other fields such as social science, literature and the visual arts. Reaction
to his thinking has ranged from reasoned criticism to sheer abuse (Collin, Mayblin,
1996, p5) this was solely due to the controversial nature of Derrida’s way of
thinking and the concept of deconstruction. His thinking was to view binary
opposites and show that neither was perfect or more important than the other by
taking the meaning apart and looking closer at the faults within each term and
by doing this showing this we as a race could learn to see the differences in
each and that ultimately, they both needed each other to function and co-exist.

This philosophy would, in turn, be used to create balance to an otherwise
chaotic relationship and tear apart the regimes that were put in place to
prevent inclusion of a certain nation or people.

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